General overview

The aim of Cytogenetics is the study of cellular constituents concerned with heredity, primarily the structure, fuction, and origin of the chromosomes. The chromosome content, called karyotype, is classified on the basis of both chromosome number and morphology, which are fixed characteristics for a particular species. Theoretically, it is possible to prepare chromosome samples starting from any tissue (or suspension of mitotic cells) providing that appropriate methods are used for the type of cell to be examined. The identification and characterisation of either constitutional or acquired chromosome abnormalities, are the focus of two large areas of diagnostic investigation. From the clinical point of view, cytogenetic analysis is a fundamental tool for prenatal and postnatal diagnosis of several pathologies (concerning general and specialist medicine), and it is the basis of prevention programmes regarding congenital and hereditary diseases. Starting from a long experience in the field of cytogenetic analysis, EuroClone® has developed a perfect combination of media, plastic supports, synchronizing agents, and equipments for pre and postnatal analysis.


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